BFA Thesis Part 1: It Starts With A Drawing

In one to twenty years will I regret blogging about my BFA thesis exhibition? Potentially. But look at this:

Courtesy of Dale Inglett

This grainy cellphone shot of a few indistinctly labelled walls with no written dimensions is the child of four creative brains gesturing wildly in a room still full of junior painting easels for thirty minutes. And it will, through the effort of multiple teams, become the space that hosts the culminating body of work from four years of the lives of three of those brains. It is an abstract weirdness- merely a few very exciting pen scribbles- at the moment. But it’s the first tangible evidence that yes, in the face of it all, the thesis shows will happen.

And my hope against hope is that, having built myself this soapbox to proliferate from, I will at the very least use the soapbox to capture the strange snippets of joy a creative life spits out. And this pen drawing, the first proof that The Show Will Go On, is a definite snippet. It is a terrible introduction to myself as a professional and as a maker, but it is evidence of the wonderful collaboration I have been afforded.

Here’s to space allotment.

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