BFA Thesis Part 5.5: The Artist As Human

At this point, the show’s been up. It’s been down. It’s over. I’ve got the diploma.

And I’ve got no posts or photos up really except Instagram progress shots so far.

Don’t get me wrong, as I was doing pre-install wall repair I was, in my head, writing this awesome post about the archaeology of tape from years upon years of students sealing the same temporary walls before slathering paint on them. It was brilliant. Would have been a great first post in a series of up-to-the-moment thesis blog reporting.

And then I was up working till 2/3/4 in the morning consistently for days on end. And turning in thesis paperwork. And going to work. And moving into a new apartment. And yes, documenting the show. And organizing meetings. And helping friends move. And and and and and….

And somewhere in the thick slurry of eat-sleep-work-shower(?) the blog fell off.

It’s a return to that shifting scale of priority I chewed on last time I updated.

Photos are coming. Documentation is important. I would LIKE to continue as an art professional after all and like it or not good show photos are part of the trade. But recognizing my physical limitations as a corporeal being is something I’m trying to get better at. And I like wearing clean clothes. Which means taking time to do laundry.

When I am rich and famous I will have assistants and none of this will be my problem anymore. For the time being, I am, alas, but a woman.

Good things coming though.

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