It’s On Instagram So I Guess It’s Official

Not my relationship, my *Next* *Big* *Creative* *Endeavor*. Look, color!

We’re entering the phase where I go from vaguely teasing the project in writing to visually teasing it on the small social media platform I’ve somehow managed to carve out.

Speaking of platform, where have I been? Living, sort of. There are these funny little phases of life that can’t accurately be called “tumultuous” or “overwhelming” but nevertheless the day to day haul of doctors and dishes and calling that friend from middle school and figuring out how to “Halloween” properly and dating people that are actually nice to me and finally understanding what it means to equally divide labor in a household becomes



And it isn’t crushing. But carrying it around means I have to cut my activities down to the *barest* essentials or else the laundry is going to just rot in a pile in front of the bed and leave me feeling like an utterly useless garbage mess.

So the blog fell off for a bit.






Falling off here meant keeping momentum on the Not-So-Secret-Secret project. Yes, the color blocks. We’re getting there. We now have a SOMEWHAT official date for when I can start talking about it in Big Kid Words [Read: Specifics].

*IF* all goes according to plan [which it will not and I’ll be sure to make adjustment announcements accordingly], I’ll be publicizing details on or about NOVEMBER 15.

For now, enjoy the visual launch tease. I think it’s pretty.

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