FLASHPOST: It’s out there

If you’ve noticed, I’ve got a new page on this site titled “Written Works“. Because there are works, that are written, and available.

And while there are a ton of things to do and say and promote and people to thank, I did some math recently and realized that this big book project got put together and put out in a little under six months. Which is not a lot of time. And that’s maybe why I’ve been feeling a *tad* overworked. So I’ve made the very unprofessional and very selfish choice to take the week before my upcoming birthday (Big 23… Hoo boy), to not exactly chill, but more to strategize. And give myself some mental space.

Look out for some updates in late December/Early January on where we are, what’s next, and why I’ve finally decided to stop wasting time watching goblinoid TikToks.

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